Sri Koon Muang Temple

Located in Ban Nuea Worarat Phakdi Road, Lam Phu Subdistrict, formerly known as "Khon Chum Nam Ok Bo Temple", this ancient temple built with Khmer and Lawa Art. Historical evidence is a boundary marker rock of the ancient church. There is Buddha image in the stupa, namely "Luang Por Phra Chai Chettha", a Buddha image in LanXang art enshrined in the stupa. This is similar to Phra That Si Song Rak, Loei Province. It is assumed that King Chai Chetthathirat built it during the same period as Tham Suwan Khuha Temple. At present, Wat Sri Khun Muang has built a pavilion to cover the stupa. Within the temple there is a pool made of bricks the same as the city walls of Nakhon Khuean Khan Kaew Bua Ban. The pool’s size is 2 meters in diameter and 50 meters deep, with clear water all year round. It is assumed that

it is assumed that it was built during the reign of King Chai Chetthathirat in the year 2106. When there are royal ceremonies and important ceremonies, water from this pool be used, such as the royal ceremony of holding water for Phra Phiphat Sattaya. and the sacred water of Important holy Ceremony.

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